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How to Save Money on NFL Tickets: Wait

Playoff and championship game tickets are also likely to sell for far above face value. In the days before StubHub and the rest, it was usually the case that scalpers

were the last, most expensive option for fans. NFL Tickets: Wait Until the Last Minute. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cites another ticket specialist, TiqIQ, which has it that the average ticket for this weekends Packers home game is 252.10. Even this early in the season, there are situations in which baseball seats sell for far above the price listed on the ticket; interleague games among cross-town teams like the White Sox and the Cubs, with serious bragging rights at stake, are guaranteed. Attendance at NFL games may have dipped.5 over the last five years, but that hasnt stopped prices for tickets, parking, hot dogs, beers, and other stadium staples from creeping higher and higher. A pattern has been set in which an influx of tickets is all but sure to hit the secondary market within a few days of a game, and all that supply knocks prices lower and lower. On face value for tickets. The, post cites sources that indicate the Yankees will be taking control of ticket resales next year. Analysis of ticket sales data from the past three NFL seasons indicates that ticket prices in the 24 to 48 hours prior to the game are about 30 lower on average than the price of tickets purchased 2 to 3 weeks in advance. But who does that anymore? Related, yes, tickets to sporting events are still sold at face value through stadium and arena box offices. The 2006 figure above is also face value. Well have to wait and see. The concept of dynamic pricing for sporting event and concert tickets has been discussed for years. Field Level seats, which sell for 130 at face value, have been averaging 76 on the secondary market. Team Marketing Report, and presumably its based on face value for tickets. By contrast, when the 2012 NFL. Rich Johnson of Spectacle Photo / Getty Images. Even when compared to prices seen one week prior to gametime, bulls tickets purchased near kickoff will net fans an average savings of 18-20.

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The team may restrict ticket how many tickets fans can sell and how close providence to game time they can sell them, and will supposedly charge less in commissions for resales than StubHub. Los Angeles Times cited a report analyzing NFL ticket sales from the CovergEx Group, which noted: American consumers are less and less comfortable shelling out hundreds of bucks for nothing other than a few hours of fun, especially when the 50-inch flat screen in the. Would box office prices fluctuate or remain set? The 2006 figure above is also face value. Would the Yankees website advertise cheaper secondhand seats right next to full-priced box office seats? lIST: Top 10 Worst Stadiums in the.S. One other, rather obvious point: NFL tickets are expensive! Wall Street Journal story published over the summerwhich highlighted a years-long trend of declining attendance at pro football gamesreported that last years average was.34. Granted this isnt an apples-to-apples comparison, but as the 2012. Time s Facebook page and on masters Twitter at @time. The problem, from the perspective of sports franchises and event venues, is that theyre not receiving the maximum benefit from the price fluctuations of todays dynamic secondary sales model.

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You can also continue the tickets discussion on time s Facebook page and on Twitter at @time. Faint / Getty Images. Among the concerts recommended strategies, the viagogo big one advises waiting until the last minuteone to two days before the gamebefore trying to buy tickets: With the expiration date of kickoff approaching, sellers with football tickets still on the market are frequently willing to sell at rock-bottom prices. As with any market, this is all about augusta supply and demand. You can also continue the discussion. Purchasing tickets from a reseller is not only easier than buying from a stadium box british office nowadays, its often much cheaper. By contrast, when the 2012 NFL schedule was announced this past spring, secondary ticket seller. NFL season begins, the average price for a ticket purchased on the secondary market stands at a whopping 191.43. Some owners of event packages venues and sports teams are interested in switching to dynamic pricing as a way to maximize revenuesto get the most money out of each seat, sometimes by raising prices, or by lowering them to unload a ticket that otherwise would. And any tickets theyre still in possession of after the game has started will sell for well below face value. The odd state of resales and exchange sites may even be leading to speculators shorting ticket prices on StubHub, according to the. Post : They agree to sell a ticket for, say, 100 for a game in August, and then, since they do not have to buy the ticket until a week before the game, purchase the same ticket for less on StubHub and keep the difference. Wall Street Journal calls by far the worlds richest sports-broadcasting contract. tickets for san jose earthquakes logo image

When resale ticket prices on secondary sites are seating cheap, that obviously hurts the box office: Who, after all, would pay tickets face value at the stadium when tickets are available for a fraction of that price online, with fees and all? Related, in 2006, the average NFL ticket sold for 62, and fans had a reason to complain because that price represented.6 increase from the year before. RazorGator listed the average cost of a regular season game as 167.75. By now, fans also know that theyll tickets be rewarded by waiting to buy their tickets. mORE: 12 Things You Should Always Haggle Over the 191.43 number noted above also comes from TiqIQ. It seems fairly unlikely, however, that neither the Yankees nor any other Major League Baseball team would ever officially sell tickets for.45. In any event, for fans hoping to catch a game in person without breaking the bank, yet another online ticket specialist, m, recently offered a list of tips for saving on NFL tickets.