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A full adult strip costs a staggering 118, or 103 for a junior kit. What about in the Premier League? Football ticket prices compared around the world from Germany to

A full adult strip costs a staggering 118, or 103 for a junior kit. What about in the Premier League? Football ticket prices compared around the world from Germany to Brazil. For Bundesliga boffins, how about this for a day out? Arsenal have long ranked in the upper reaches of the Premier Leagues price table but have shown little appetite to up their prices, only raising the cost of season tickets in four of the past 11 seasons. Bournemouth's 40 adult shirt and Norwich's 28 junior shirt are the cheapest in the top-flight. Manchester United's 60 adult shirt is quite comfortably the most expensive across the top-flight, as is their 45 junior shirt. The most expensive ticket will stay at 59 after pressure from fans groups. Cheapest match-day tickets: averages compared, clubs with match-day tickets for 10 or less. 52 per cent of prices were held at last years rate and 18 per cent were reduced. Europe and have had success in France s top league. If you fancy a year in Stoke, watching Stoke, then you may well be stoked to hear that the club has the leagues cheapest season ticket, coming in at only 294. We have campaigned for, and welcomed, the ticket prize freezes at the club, Arsenal Supporters Trust spokesman Tim Payton told Standard Sport. Premier League average season ticket prices by year. How much does your club charge?

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Original spreadsheet can be found here. While the price of football in the top flight has come down thanks to the Premier Leagues capping of away tickets cheap nba tickets last minute at 30, the capital remains home to some florida Gators Tickets of the priciest season tickets, single match tickets and even pies in the land. Interestingly, the cheapest in the Premier League is on offer at Stamford Bridge for just. Both tickets do, at least, include seven cup matches. Their most expensive season ticket costs 2,013 - almost seven times the cost of the cheapest season ticket at Stoke, which at 294 is the most affordable in the top-flight. Where can the priced-out fan go? Cups of tea Across all clubs, Birmingham charge the most for a cup of tea.90, with the cheapest at Braintree fc barcelona tickets viagogo reviews of movies (80p). Barcelona (113.93) and Real Madrid (232) offer a cheapest season ticket - notably less expensive than international champions cup exclusive presale code any in the Premier League - while fans of Bayern Munich pay between 120.89 and 647.62 for a year-long seat at the Allianz Arena. It now averages.68, up from.80 last year. The Premier Leagues three most expensive season tickets are all for London clubs, with Arsenals 2,013 price outdoing the 1,895 charged by craigslist buffalo sabres tickets seating Tottenham and the 1,250 charged by Chelsea. More from Silk, season tickets compared, all average prices compared. Only Paris Saint-Germain charge more than Arsenal for a season ticket at 2,588.75 (3,000).

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Further down the English leagues, there are teams who have managed to keep ticket prices equally affordable. By comparison, season tickets to watch. Maybe avoid the French captial, though. 1000 votes SO FAR.

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West Ham are the only other team to charge over 1,000 for a season ticket (1,100 though as part of their move to the London Stadium they committed to providing some tickets for just 289 the second cheapest of any club in the top flight. But for Premier League raleigh fans, the average price of a seat has national now passed 30 for the first time. However, Barcelona's.55 shirt is training the most expensive out of the 227 teams studied. Bournemouth, unsurprisingly, come bottom of this pile, due to their flat rate. BBC tickets Sport has found. This comes after the Twenty's Plenty campaign helped pressure Premier League clubs into agreeing a 30 cap on tickets for travelling supporters. Of the 19 Premier League clubs who returned results, BBC Sport s Price of Football study found that 55 per cent of tickets were frozen in price this season and 12 per cent were reduced.

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Fans are the lifeblood of the game, which is why its a shame major clubs seem determined to price them out of live football he tickets said. Manchester City, remarkably, have the next cheapest season pass, which is only 5 more. How does each Premier League rank? Just under 30 per cent became more expensive. It was also revealed that the average cost of the cheapest adult home matchday ticket in the Premier League had fallen by six per cent.15, with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City having cut prices at their grounds. Celtic sell the most expensive in Scotland at 559. To watch defending champions Chelsea, no matter how badly theyre playing this time around, youll need to part with at least. London Bees again have the cheapest prices for adult shirts, just.90. Lowest-priced matchday ticket, leicester City can boast the cheapest single match day ticket.